Pitts Model 12


By lex, on November 11th, 2010

An aerobatic, round-engined, tailwheel biplane  on sale at Controller.com:*

Pitts Model 12.jpg

The very beast, if I’m not mistaken, featured to this glowing review in AirBum:

Takeoff can only be described in two words…a blast! What an absolute kick in the shorts! It’s not often I’m caught unawares by an airplane on takeoff, but this one did. I brought the power up smoothly working to keep the tiny wedge of runway I could see right where it was on the windshield frame. When the throttle was about 2/3rds of the way in, the prop went into governor range and the surge felt like I’d just slapped it into afterburner. I was congratulating myself on doing such a great job and had just started to pick the tail up when the airplane lost patience and leaped/clawed/bounded into the air. I was behind the airplane in no uncertain terms. Wow! I doubt if the process had taken more than 4-5 seconds. In less time than I could think about it, the airplane was rocketing through 300 feet and, between the hard crosswind and wrong-turning prop, I was clear over the right side of the runway.

I just let it find a groove to climb in and I guessed we were going up about 2,500 fpm. Then I looked at the airspeed. We were doing 130 mph! We blasted through pattern altitude less than halfway up the runway and doubled pattern altitude even as I turned out to find a legal piece of airspace in which to play.

It is to lust.

* 10-12-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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