A Matter of Taste

Posted by Lex, on October 17, 2010


Courtesy of occasional reader Phil from Downunda – who tends to keep us honest when we veer too far out of the naval aviation fairway – a Centennial Hornet in Navy Working Uniform colors.

A Matter Of TasteSmall

No matter how you come down on the article of NWU, you have to admit to the artistry of it.

For my own part, I rather prefer the retro paint scheme on this T-45.*

A Matter of Taste2

Update: Once again, the for-profit world demonstrates that when it comes to innovation, ** they beat the government every time. Rock on, Fedex!


* 04-27-18 The link Lex provided was dead, and no replacement could be found. So I Googled “Nice T-45 paint job and came with this. Can’t make any guarantees that this is what Lex meant 😉 – Ed.

** 04-27-18 This is the link Lex provided – it is still on the web so for speed’s sake took it away from the Wayback Machine link. Both versions do not have the Fed Ex plane so the author must have deleted that before the Wayback Machine captured it. But they are still worth seeing. -Ed

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