So, now it’s news?

Posted by Lex, on August 8, 2008


Well, John Edward’s sordid little tale can apparently now be told by the mainstream media, now that hizzoner has opened up and admitted to the truth of the basic allegation. While continuing to deny parentage of his so-called “love child” with a former campaign worker.

The story – first exposed by the National Enquirer in late July- was deemed not newsworthy by most of the major media outlets until today, whether for its suspiciously middlebrow provenance or simply for the pain it might inflict on Edwards’ long suffering, cancer-stricken wife. Although that second rationale seems rather self-serving: The gentlemen of the press are more considerate of the former presidential candidate’s wife than the gentleman himself. And this despite the fact that Edwards remained a contender for a cabinet post, if not the actual VP nomination, at least until this story that no one would talk about broke. I mean, there were actual pictures.

Three weeks after everybody but our national news media started talking about the national news, the most recent New York Times article concerning Edwards is still a story from mid-May. It seems that the North Carolina trial lawyer has committed his support to Barrack Obama. Contrast that to the embarrassingly thin story that the Times ran on Senator John McCain back in February, citing two anonymous sources to speculate on their own front page that the Arizona senator and Republican presidential primary candidate – he would not seal his party’s nomination until March – might, or might not, have had an affair with a Washington lobbyist. Couldn’t say, for sure. Just thought it was, you know: Worth speculating about.

This sort of imbalance is simply contemptible. And they wonder why the brand is tarnished, and the stock is in the tank. It isn’t that there’s not a market for objective news, in-depth analysis and editorial opinion, each in its own appropriate section. It’s that they’re not even trying to service that market.


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