Nucking Futs

By lex, on September 24th, 2008

Remember the tale I told a few years back about a training airstrike against an airfield in Oman?

I had very little airspeed left with which to perform a break turn, but gave it my very best. The Hornet is a superb slow-speed fighter, and she responded beautifully, neatly pivoting around to face the coming threat — I was momentarily neutral, but at a tremendous airspeed disadvantage. I would need help.

The Jaguar two-ship flashed by me, bracketing my canopy on both sides — whichever way I turned, I would be offering a shot to one or the other bandits. I had to get some airspeed.

Full afterburner, nose low, check six — one Jaguar is in a climbing turn across my tail, the other I can no longer see — and it is always the one you don’t see that gets you. 

I briefly mentioned the Brit expats who used to fly with the Omanis in those Jags and Hunters.

In those days the Omanis had quite a number of British expatriates who flew with them on contract, to train their pilots and serve as a part of the Sultanate’s defensive forces. They were superb and daring pilots even though they were hampered by older equipment. They were also accustomed to routinely flying at very low altitudes in the relatively flat terrain of Oman.

Guys like this * :

Nucking Futs

Crazy men.

Remember: You can’t break the low altitude record.

* 08-25-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.


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