Or would you prefer Guantanamo, now?

Posted by lex, on July 5, 2008


The Syrians are handling their own incarcerated Islamists with their customary humanity and kindness:

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 25 people had been killed after military police fired live bullets at Islamist inmates.

The Syrian authorities have so far not commented on the situation, which remains unclear. One inmate told the BBC he believed more than 25 had died.

Prisoners said the clashes were sparked by raids in which guards beat inmates.

They said the guards had also desecrated copies of the Koran.

This whole desecration of the Koran thing has come to seem almost ritual, formulaic. Something learned by rote in Loonie 101. It all starts to sound rather like the boy who cried “wolf”, after a while.

At least in Gitmo we don’t shoot the boys that cry wolf.


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