Pork chop

June 10th, 2007 by lex

Pork, the other white meat: It’s what for dinner*:

A former Navy lieutenant has been indicted on federal charges of illegally possessing 60 machine guns.

David Carmel, 32, lost his post as a ship supply officer on the USS Shrike after it was discovered that he ordered hundreds of unneeded parts.

The grand jury indictment was handed down against Carmel on Thursday, only weeks after he was accused by U.S. prosecutors in New York of selling stolen military equipment. Carmel was due in federal court on Monday.

The indictment said the machine guns were found on Carmel’s property in Gilman, along with boxes of gun parts, artillery shells, grenades and a rocket launcher, authorities said. None of these items were properly registered. Gilman is located about 120 miles east of Minneapolis.

The charges filed in New York by prosecutors on May 21 accuse Carmel of selling stolen U.S. military laser targeting devices and machine gun parts to an undercover agent.

The charges also say Carmel purchased hundreds of unneeded laser sights, machine gun barrels, night vision goggles and machine gun parts for the minesweeper USS Shrike. He was soon after relieved of job as a supply officer, and later left the Navy in November 2005.

* Gotta be some class of IQ test – it appears that ex-LT Carmel failed.

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