By lex, on November 29th, 2010

The Swiss, famously, like things neat and tidy. The country itself should operate as smoothly as, well: A Swiss watch.

But things have been getting remarkably untidy in the land of the red shield and white cross. More than 60% of the Swiss prison population are non-natives.

And the Swiss have had enough:

Switzerland has approved a plan to automatically deport foreigners convicted of serious crimes. The proposal, put forth by the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, has been criticized by human rights groups.

Swiss voters have approved a far-right initiative to automatically expel foreign residents convicted of serious crimes, according to poll results.

Swiss national broadcaster SF1 said 52.9 percent of voters backed the initiative in Sunday’s referendum, a plan proposed by the nationalist Swiss People’s Party (SVP)…

The initiative, which would apply to foreigners convicted of crimes like murder, rape or trafficking in drugs or people, has been criticized by human rights groups and legal experts, who said it could disregard international anti-discrimination treaties and the free movement of peoples under European Union law.

Across the channel, another far right party is agitating, this time under a white banner with a red cross: UK citizens are left to debate whether the English Defence League is a reaction to Islamism or the cause of it:

The EDL… claim that blaming Islamic extremism on them is absurd, as they are a reaction to that extremism, rather than a cause of it.

The group was formed last year in response to protests by Islamists against British soldiers returning from their tour of duty. The soldiers were branded “rapists” and “murderers” by the Islamists.

Since then the EDL has held numerous demonstrations against Islamic extremism and the Islamification of Britain. The demonstrations have often turned violent with clashes breaking out not so much between the EDL and Islamists, but with the left-wing group Unite Against Fascism (of which Prime Minister David Cameron is a supporter).

The protests, counter-protests and the street battles that often result have led to dozens of arrests of both EDL and UAF supporters in the last year.

Just last week the leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson was arrested for violent behaviour in a protest against Muslim extremists who burned a poppy wreath and broke the two minute silence to mark Remembrance Day.

Mr Robinson, also speaking on Radio Five Live, rejected claims that the EDL is responsible for encouraging the radicalisation of Muslims.

“9/11 was our fault, 7/7 was our fault, there’s been 17,000 worldwide terrorist attacks since September 11th, I guess they’re our fault. I guess the last 1,400 years of history, where Islam’s been at war with non-Islam, is our fault. It’s ridiculous.

“We’re not the cause. The root cause of the problem is the Koran, it’s Islam and no one has got the balls to admit it and say it and talk about it. We will. We’re not causing this militant Islam, it was already there. If there was no militant Islam there would be no EDL.”

Aging liberal democracies valued their social schemes more than their national identities, and imported vast numbers of aliens to buttress the ranks of working classes too content in the arms of an all embracing state to be bothered reproducing themselves. Attracted by the opportunities of liberal economies, too many of these immigrants brought with them the seeds of the same destruction that had wrecked their homelands, along with their carefully nurtured resentments. An unwillingness to fully assimilate to their new homes brought class stratification and economic stagnation, compounded by the burdens of unfashionable birth rates. Thus was born a permanent, self-isolating lower class, steeped in the legend of their own cultural superiority, always denied the sweeter fruits of the societies they had attached themselves to, whether out of poverty or puritanism. Thus agitation, crime and even terrorism. Thus reaction.

The chilling rebirth of right wing extremism in Europe is not to be welcomed – it has a long and miserable history of violence and excess. But the peoples of Europe have begun to see what cannot be hidden any longer. It was illuminated by the burning wrecks of automobiles in France’s zones sensibles, where even the police fear to tread, and given voice at last by Germany’s Angela Merkel, who was forced to admit that her country’s multicultural experiment had failed. In England it has been underlined by rape gangs and a series of women falling to their “accidental” deaths from apartment buildings.

If centrists political parties will not speak about the elephant in the room, the people will speak of it among themselves.

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