Doing Something Wrong


By lex, on November 10th, 2008

All your correspondent really wanted for his birthday * – which was very nice, by the way: Brunch at La Valencia in La Jolla with the whole clan, and 50 rounds through a borrowed H&K USP .45 at the American Shooting Center *** while Son Number One broke in his newest acquisition, a Rock Island Armory M1911 clone that sold at a price found hard to resist (and lucky to have found it, the store’s shelves utterly innocent of new firearms for sale, and nothing on offer but a few previously owned Glocks), a little R&R around the house (including the fabrication of a cat house [shush!] intended for the crazy old homeless man in the cat suit that hangs around the back yard muttering to himself, the creation of which was a task well within these our austere woodworking talents), and a slice or four at the Pizza Port, with a pint of their ESB that went down ever so kindly, followed up by cutting up a bit of wood for the fireplace, the better for to warm our creaking limbs in anticipation of the cruel, San Diego winter that stands a tip-toe on our doorstep – but all I really wanted, as I was saying, was full ownership of an Aviat Husky for to take us to the back places where a four-weight line might profitably be wet, and, quarter shares, say in a Pitts Special for those moments where we are feeling a little too well grounded.

Instead I got a couple of lovely cards, including one hand drawn by the Biscuit, who is proving to be quite the artist, and a bottle of smell good, the receipt of which I acknowledged gratefully, while hoping that no hidden message is intended. I have gifts aplenty.

But between Andrey Melnichenko ** and myself, one of us is doing something wrong, for hizzoner has just taken receipt of a privately owned dreadnaught, 390 feet along the waterline, complete with helo pad, two 30′ runabouts, and a 31-year old supermodel wife. Himself just turned 36.

Doing Something Wrong

If this is the way things are going to be, we need to get our president-elect to enlarge his redistribution schemes worldwide. Divvy up Melnichenko’s £4.6 billion (USD $7.2 billion) between the rest of us, and we’ll all be nearly $1.10 the richer. After all, the man is the 172nd most wealthy man in the world.

Keep that up 240,000 times, and the Husky’s in the bag. For me, anyway.

Finger’s crossed!

*08-29-2018 – Link added by me – Ed. 

** 08-29-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

***Alas, the American Shooting Center is now closed – Ed. 

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