Elbow Grease

By lex, on July 17th, 2011

Three flights yesterday down at KMYF, two dogfights and a thirty minute learn-to-fly. The only remarkable flight of the (really, quite beautiful) day was the last event, a lawyer and his rising high school senior son from Dallas. I flew with junior, and as we broke away from our wingman crossing the beach I heard a “whoop!” from the backseat. Not knowing whether this was a sound of alarm or joy, I looked over my shoulder to see gleaming pearlies that never faded the whole flight, your man was having that much fun, and took two out of three fights like it was the most natural thing in the world. I had to ease the power back a few hundred RPM on the middle engagement to keep it from being a clean sweep, but da’ wasn’t all that happy with having his clock cleaned and it may not surprise you to learn that no gratuity was forthcoming at the end of the ride. Not that it mattered, I don’t think: The boy’s bound for aviation after that flight, and law school will have to wait.

We’ve got him.

Oh, and there was a weeklong Cessna 170 fly-in at Montgomery starting last week, although what you’d fill a week in talking about a 170 is anybody’s guess, and they must have had significant breaks between sessions. They hadn’t all flown home by the time I got to the airport, and so I got to take a look at this rather magnificent specimen:


Click on the pics for higher resolution * , for she’s gorgeous, in’she? Although I have to admit that like the unachievable starlet I’d a whole lot rather admire her from a distance, like, since there’d be no end of polishing this particular beauty. You’d start at her port cowling, walk around to starboard working your way to the tail, turn the corner and head back forrad again only to start again where you began.


** These came from a Word document so that’s as good as it gets 😉 — Ed

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