Snitch Visas

Posted by lex, on July 19, 2010

Come to America, get a job, plot a terrorist attack, get caught, roll over for the feds – get rewarded:

The visa is a little-known bargaining chip that the government can dangle before terrorism suspects who agree to cooperate with investigators and plead guilty. It can sweeten the idea of decades behind bars.

“We always refer to the S visa as a snitch visa,” says Patrick Rowan, who ran the national security division at the Justice Department during the Bush years. “It was always easy to remember because you would use the word snitch.”

Rowan says the idea behind the visa program is simple.

“The essence of the S visa is there’s people who are in the U.S. who you would want their cooperation in the context of a criminal case,” Rowan says. “And you can gain them status in the U.S. so they can live here and work here and even have a path toward becoming a lawful permanent resident if they’re granted an S visa.”

“Well, everybody wants this visa,” (former federal prosecutor Julie Myers Wood) said. “When I was a prosecutor, I remember that almost every foreign national that was a defendant in one of my cases wanted this visa.”

So, there you have it. Some jihadis, at least, are not motivated by religious fervor, nor against American arrogance or international injustice.

Instead, it’s merely envy. If they can’t have what we have, they’ll take it from us.

Unless they can get a green card.

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