Two Weeks Notice

By lex, on August 2nd, 2011

Well, today I told my supervisor that I was hanging it up. He was surprised I think, but took it decently. It’ll be a bit of a scramble setting things in order, getting the right pieces in place. Ensuring a smooth transition.

The company has been good to me, and I gave it my best shot. But doing what I was doing is not who I am, and I simply couldn’t see doing it for the next 15-17 years. And try as I might, I couldn’t explain to the Kat what it was I did, though she’s a smart cookie. That and I’ve got enough pain in my life to not want to spend my working hours augmenting it.

I have decided that I’m never going to be wealthy, so I might as well be happy.

So I took a little pay cut, and it mayn’t surprise you that I’m just all right with that. It’s another $5K or so that federal won’t be prising out of me, is the way I see it. Class enemy that I am.

Oh, by the way: This is what the new office looks like.


This is America: The land of second chances.

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6 responses to “Two Weeks Notice

  1. CT II Raven

    Knowing how it ends, it is difficult to feel as happy as I was for him when I first read this post

  2. Jeff the Bobcat

    Yes. Me too.

  3. Old AF Sarge


  4. It stirs up a lot of memories, a long sequence of events which we all followed with pleasure and pain.

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