Product endorsements

Posted by lex, on April 23, 2007

Not usually my type of thing, but I can tell you that if your electrical engineering student turns 21, you can’t go very far wrong by getting him a pair of remote control, laser tag shocking tanks.

In fact, the only real surprise is that he wants to play the game on the “high shock” setting, which chalk that up to the kind of confidence that comes with two decades worth of video gaming experience.

I’m a bit chagrined however, to report that the wooden model trebuchet was not quite the hit that I’d hoped for, itself being laid aside for “the summer, maybe,” even as the laser shock tanks made their eager way back to the dorm. Like anyone else on his floor had a fully functional, scale model trebuchet. That wanted one.

And while we’re on topic of “stuff you might buy”, if you’ve already got a Thule bike rack atop your daily ride and wonder if whether the optional wind fairing is a  good decision, I can provide you an enthusiastic pair of thumbs up. The reduction in wind noise is truly remarkable, and it is fondly hoped that gas mileage will improve as well.

Which, with hi-test going for $3.45 to the gallon on base, the thing could well be paying for itself.

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