Choose Your Allies Wisely

By lex, on October 23rd, 2008

Because this sort of thing doesn’t happen with everyone:**

DESPITE being shot twice during an ambush in Afghanistan, an SAS soldier lashed himself to the front of his patrol vehicle so he wouldn’t be left behind if he passed out from loss of blood and kept on fighting…

Suffering from serious upper body wounds, the soldier struggled on to the front of his SAS long range patrol vehicle (LRPV) and, under heavy fire, used a rope to attach himself firmly between the vehicle’s bull bar and radiator.

Once he was secured, and there was no chance that he would fall off if he fainted, he picked up his rifle and resumed firing at the enemy during a two-hour fighting withdrawal…

The Digger, who cannot be identified, faded in and out of consciousness, emptying several magazines as volleys of enemy rounds and rocket propelled grenades, rained down around him.


Happily the MoD bureaucracy is recognizing the bravery of their deployed soldiers in time-honored fashion:

While the Diggers fought for survival, bureaucrats in Canberra docked the pay of more than 100 SAS men, including many serving in Afghanistan.

Several troops had been told they had debts of $30,000 for allowances that shouldn’t have been paid and were being forced to repay the funds.

Some mistake in the autopay system, apparently.

There are soldiers, and there are bureaucrats. We only fight alongside the former.


** 08-27-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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