Dream Machines

By lex, on October 30th, 2008

So, I’ve been searching the aviation websites in my off moment or two, chiefly for the distraction that’s in it. In between wondering what that whole Civil Air Patrol ** gas is, what it is they do, how does one get in, how much does it cost and would they really make a retired naval aviator wear those ghastly bus driver suits? And it seems to me there are a world of options out there, so long as you’re only dreaming. Airplane ownership being about the only thing more expensive than supporting an equestrienne, not to mention AVGAS selling at $5 to the gallon, and gallons turning to vapor at an average rate of nine to the hour.

I do not mention the insurance.

And there are not merely a bewildering assortment of aircraft to choose from – so long as the choosing is theoretical – even refining them down to categories leaves us with an embarrassment of options. Still, one has to start somewhere, especially when Uncle Sugar gets done with tossing fighter jets at you, along with the paycheck.

So today we shall start with light utility aircraft in the taildragging configuration.

You: But Lex, you dinna have a taildragger endorsement on your certificate.

Me: Which, hush. It’s dreaming, we’re doing. Keep up.

First up is the Piper Super Cub, your correspondent being a man of some consequence in this world, at least as measured in avoirdupois, the original Cub being thought potentially insufficient for to transport his aging carcass around, not to mention the woefully deficient cruise speed. I’d make better time on the motorcycle.

Next in line is the pretender to the throne, the Aviat Husky. What the Super Cub might have been given a fresh look at the drawing board, an IFR panel and 180 horses under the cowl.

After that, we find the Bellanca Scout, a machine that compares favorably to the preceding duo in Vne and cruise, if not for the distressing tendency of Citabria wannabes to bend the wings off the damned thing.

And finally, at least for the purposes of our discussion, comes the Luscombe 8F, a machine with ancient antecedents that nevertheless cruises at 140 mph on a 90HP engine.


** 08-27-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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