Why women are smarter

By lex, on July 10th, 2007

That’s a strange title for what is in essence a “thank you” note, expressing my gratitude for yesterday’s generosity, but I’ll get around to it.

Your kindness – those who have corresponded with me here previously, and those who I have only now “met” – really was overwhelming. There’s no other word for it. The Kat can go to camp this year and then some, meaning that that we ourselves might even be able to shake out a few reefs in our mainsails this weekend. There ought to be a better word than “thank you,” but that’s what I’m stuck with.

Thank you.

When I get a spare, I’ll send the edited version of “Rhythms” along to each who either donated or expressed an interest. It will be before the week’s end in any case, I promise. I think I’ll probably put it in pdf format, make the moving of it around easier.

We were sitting down to table last night, just the three of us as the Biscuit had sought her entertainments elsewhere and son number one is re-embarked aboard the good ship Kitty Hawk, having blown out his gaff in Sydney. The Kat asked me to explain how this unanticipated boon had come about, and I reminded her how I had spent last Christmas leave feverishly editing my “manuscript” to make it ready for the Valour-IT * donor – an effort which none had failed to notice even as they watched with a certain degree of enviably detached amusement. I told her that I’d offered up a copy of the revised work for those as who might consider a donation towards sending her to camp, and that I was very pleasantly surprised – before becoming almost astonished – at the level of support.

She was exuberantly pleased too of course, but then also I saw a certain degree of calculation in her eye:

“Is you book ready for publishing, dad?”

“Not yet, kiddo.”

“Well,” clearly thinking through the possibilities, “when will it be?”

It’s a good question.

That’s why women are smarter.

* 08-10-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.


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