What If?

by lex

Jan 29, 2006

Took the clan(-) to Pipes, a local surfer breakfast establishment in Cardiff up the coast road this morning after church. Was dressed in my grey flannel, wasn’t I? And I didn’t care who knew it. Sat down to dine on a breakfast sandwich with the rest of us and noticed a poster behind me showing a surfer coming down the face of a 52 foot wave. It looked… terrifying.

And on that poster these words were printed:

“What if your dreams and fears existed in the same place?

What if to get to heaven you had to brave hell?

What if everything you’d ever wanted would cost you everything you’ve ever achieved?

Would you still go there?”

I’m not a surfer. But these are pretty good questions.

One of the Lexicans found this post of Lex’s while surfing the wayback machine. It was not in our archives. It is a point worth pondering, and H/T to Old AF Sarge. 

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