By lex, on July 27th, 2010

Meet ARM 1/c Oliver Rasmussen, native of Wisconsin, who lived off the land in Hokkaido, Japan after his plane crashed during an air strike:

On 31 July he reached a farmhouse near the ocean. He noticed a cow chewing its cud staked in the yard. That night, the gunner crept up to the cow, milked it, and gorged himself. It was his first real nourishment in two weeks.

Rasmussen decided to wait in the area for a chance to signal a U.S. aircraft. For the next nine days he fed himself by what he could grab from cellars, gardens, and that cow. “I used to watch the farmer when he came out to milk the cow,” Rasmussen later recalled. “He sure was puzzled.” Because the cow wasn’t producing, the farmer turned her loose. For the next five weeks, Rasmussen survived on frogs’ legs, eggs from birds’ nests, and food he took from a network of local farms.

By mid-September, the resourceful Sailor had noticed that American planes had begun to fly unusually low over the area without being shot at. He concluded the war was over.

Pretty amazing.

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