Friday Musings 03/24/2006

By lex, on March 24th, 2006

You should read this slowly; because that’s the way I’m typing it. Languorously. Why you might ask?

Well, I’ll tell you: I have finished yet another academic quarter and am, for the space of a week’s time, entirely unencumbered by the need to screw myself into a knot-hole in preparation for some bit of scholastic tomfoolery, silly at the best of times, ludicrous at my age.

I snapped awake this morning at 0400, and headed to the study, morally convinced that I was Not Quite Prepared for my final exam in systems engineering. My professor is one of those rare types of hyper-intelligence you only occasionally run across, the kind of person to whom leaps of intuitive brilliance are as routine as tying ones shoes is to we mortals. Since he is so very clever, and so routinely far ahead of us, it was at times a challenge to follow his train of thought, as it bounded from the peaks of Olympian Jove to the valleys of Pallas Athena.

Whatever that means.

(Although I will point out that I may have scored a brownie point or two by making the analogy between one of his predictive analysis tools and Schrodinger’s Cat. The other girls were so jealous.)

Which anyway, it made preparing for the final in his course a sore trial. Fortunately, he has unusual common sense to go with his genius, and realized that we were only human, so the test was not so very hard at all. I do not know that I have gained three months later, anything more than a renewed appreciation for my own limitations.

But I do know that it’s over.

In celebration of which I treated myself to a 90-minute massage – Leah, I’m serious girl – when I hit the lottery, you’re hired. Full time. With dental.

And I am, even as I type, enjoying a vodka martini: Ketel One, up, dry, twist – which is three adjectives, for those of you keeping score at home. The reason for which I will shortly reveal.

But hence the languor.

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