Catch and Release


By lex, on November 8th, 2010

The Kenyan court system practices it:

A Kenyan court on Friday freed 17 Somali men detained by the U.S. Navy at sea and accused of piracy, saying the Navy didn’t provide the necessary evidence to convict the suspects.

The decision has left authorities in a dilemma over what to do with the Somali men since the court did not order them repatriated back to their country, the men’s lawyer said.

Attorney Jared Magolo said a magistrate’s court in the coastal town of Mombasa ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the Somali men attacked the MV Amira, an Egyptian-flagged ship, in May 2009.

Magolo said the magistrate blamed the loss of the case on the U.S. Navy, who captured the Somalis, for not providing video and photographic proof that the Navy claimed to have.

A whiff of grapeshot next time.

It’s cheaper than video.

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