Brutal Day

By Lex, on Wed – July 28, 2004


At the salt mines today. Much to do before I can leave for Hawaii on Monday, taking the Clan Neptuni in tow.

But driving home tonight, late at night, I had a sudden inspiration:

Somewhere, maybe in the mid-west, there’s a man whose house is some thirty miles or so west of his place of work. He’s got regular hours, so he leaves the house at the same time every day, and comes home at the same time every evening. You could set your watch by him, he’s that regular.

And he commutes to work on the same east-west highway.

And for the space of three weeks or a month, late every fall and early every spring, without quite knowing why, he dreads the morning commute – he thinks he hates his job, he wonders why he doesn’t quit.

And at the end of the day, he putters around the workplace, looking for reasons not to leave, quite yet. He hates the idea of going home. Oh, he loves his wife and family, he just doesn’t want to leave just yet. But he does anyway, because he’s a creature of habit, and supper is waiting.

Why? Why does he so dread the trip to work, the trip back home?

Because the sun is right there in his eyes, both ways.

And he hasn’t figured it out yet.


Thanks for sitting through that.

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