A Peek Behind the Curtain

By lex, on May 3rd, 2011

Navy SEALs, like the ones who double tapped bin Leaded, are a famously tight-lipped group. But retirees feel free to open up a bit, like the proprietor of Coronado-based McP’s, who is quoted in today’s Sandy Eggo Union Tribune:

Former SEALs say there are two major reasons for the secrecy. The first is a concept dating to World War II: Loose lips sink ships. These fighters perform high-level missions that depend on accurate intelligence gathering, without leaks.

The second reason, said author Chuck Pfarrer: These tough guys do tough things. They don’t have to talk tough…

McPartlin agrees, saying if you catch somebody bragging about being a Navy SEAL, they probably aren’t one.

“And, chances are they won’t be in my bar very long,” he added. “You ask a SEAL what’s he do, he says, ‘I’m a sailor…’ ”

When four Coronado-based SEALs were awarded a passel of Silver and Bronze stars in February, only one sailor was willing to discuss it publicly — and he said it was all about the team.

All SEALs are male, as it’s the last Navy category closed to women.

However, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus recently said he thinks females should be allowed to don the trident pin — if they can endure the grueling qualification process.

Long time readers will know that your host is as neutral overall on the issue of women in the service as he is men in the service: Individuals are not defined by their gender, but rather by their contributions to the team.

That said, some things are left well enough alone.

If it ain’t broke…

Update: The WaPo engages in some educational speculation on the shooter’s “identity”-

He’s likely between the ages of 26 and 33, says Marcinko, founder of the elite “SEALs Team 6″ – now known as DEVGRU – that many believe led the assault on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He’ll be old enough to have had time to hurdle the extra training tests required to join the elite counter-terrorism unit, yet young enough to withstand the body-punishing rigors of the job. The shooter’s a man, it’s safe to say, because there are no women in the SEALs. And there’s a good chance he’s white, though the SEALs have stepped up efforts to increase the number of minorities in their ranks, Marcinko and Smith say. A “positive thinker” who “gets in trouble when he’s not challenged,” Marcinko suspects, a man who “flunked vacation and flunked relaxing.”

He was probably a high school or college athlete, Smith says, a physical specimen who combines strength, speed and agility. “They call themselves ‘tactical athletes,’ ” says Smith, who works with many prospective SEALs in his Heroes of Tomorrow training program in Severna Park. “It’s getting very scientific.”

Marcinko puts it in more conventional terms: “He’ll be ripped,” says the author of the best-selling autobiography ” Rogue Warrior .”

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