You think you had a hard time making Chief?

By Lex

Posted on March 28, 2006


Try taking the advancement test in this classroom:


”Did anybody remember to bring a #2 pencil?”

Still, you have to admit: The scenery is pretty compelling.



And the story? Well, from the accompanying email:

The attached photos are from a Senior Chief NC (ed – career counselor) that is currently assigned to the Combined Forces Command Afghanistan. In her capacity as the senior career counselor for US Navy in Afghanistan, she has done some pretty amazing things…

She called me and told me about the recent CPO Exam process she had to follow in order to get everyone their test. As you can imagine, trying to get Navy Wide advancement exams out to our forward deployed Sailors can be challenging to say the least… but THIS is one for the books.

As you can easily see in these historic photos, we have a Sailor, sitting on a rock, overlooking the mountains of Northern Afghanistan, being guarded and taking the CPO exam. He received the exam by the extreme efforts of our Sailors in Pensacola, Millington and the totally unselfish support of this Senior Chief.

I truly believe that these photos should be seen by all our Navy as a testament to the total team effort being made to support those in this war.

Please pass my sincere appreciation to all those that have played an important role in ensuring the welfare of this Sailor and all the others here in CENTCOM are a priority.


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