Now that’s teamwork

Posted by Lex, on August 12, 2008


Witch doctor, US Navy save hiker

A MELBOURNE lawyer who became seriously ill while hiking on the Kokoda Trail was guarded by a witch doctor in a remote Papua New Guinea village until she was rescued by the US Navy.

Debra Paver had seizures and fell into a coma on the trail last week.

While she clung to life, a woman witch doctor brandishing a machete watched over her…

At the request of the US embassy in Port Moresby, a helicopter was sent on Friday from the ship.

The helicopter landed on a small patch of land in the mountains in thick fog at 1800 metres.

Ms Paver, 44, of Brighton East, was flown to the USNS Mercy and admitted to the intensive care unit where she began to recover from hyponatremia, low sodium levels in the blood.

Join the Navy, see the world. Provide material support to Papua New Guinian witch doctors.

Some guys will do anything for a little liberty.

Update: As Sim points out in comments, the Mercy’s CO has his own blog and talks about the event. Cool.

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