Friday Musings – 09-23-05

I may have to be short, said the midget to the barmaid, who in return, nodded thoughtfully. I’ve been away a bit, and while I’m finally back at home (woo-hoo!) ahead of the throngs, it’s only just barely. Bad form to spend two weeks in The Beautiful Monterey Peninsula and then come back home and wall yourself into the office for a blog post. Not even because they want to see you so much, as that you want to see them.

Which is every bit as it should be.

It turns out that if when walking through security, you empty your pockets, remove your shoes and belt, but still forget (twice) to remove your massive, titanium fighter pilot guy watch from your wrist and cause the alarm thingie, to well – alarm – then you’re going to have to step over here, sir, for a proper rectal probing.

No. No that’s not entirely true. Actually, I can’t back that up at all. But I will point out that the search term “rectal probing” is an alarmingly common way (I’m number 2…. 0n the Whole Internet) for the lumpen masses to arrive upon my blogstoop, and can only imagine that the preceding two paragraphs have not improved my numbers that much. Unless, I secretly want to be the number one stop for “rectal probing” on the Internet. Which, hey – at least it’s traffic.

Speaking of which, my man Glen(n) instalanched me again, for which I thank him kindly (even if he did link back to the old blog, and a month-old post, and if that doesn’t put the pressure on you nothing will). (By the way, since I’ve taken the habit of speaking in increasing levels of parentheses, isn’t it brash the way I can link that sitemeter page, knowing all the while that a week or ten days hence, the link will be, if not dead, essentially meaningless? Because it, like this post, is mere ephemera.) So. Anyway.

It hardly seems right or proper to go on at length in the usual way, when New Orleans is flooded again, and a Cat V hurricane is on its way to where the rest of our oil refining capacity lives.

(Casts his eyes around the room for ideas…)

Oh – just before leaving for Monterey I picked up an iPod Nano for the Hobbit, to replace the Shuffle, which although it was nice, clearly has some limitations. The Nano is just about the coolest freakin’ thing I’ve ever seen, and the Hobbit loved it. It might have made it better for her (hard to say) that when the Kat saw the thing she was almost physically ill with envy. For earnest avarice, you’ve never seen the like. Told her to put it on the Christmas list and we’d see what Santa could do, but of course it was all about being the first kid on the block, etc. Said no, this time. Felt I owed it to her.

She’ll thank me for it later.

Never happen? Yeah, I know.

The course? So far so good. Glad to be home, not least because the crowd back here is a whole lot more fun. Some of those folks, I couldn’t figure a way to get them out of their quarters at night without burning the house down around their ears. It might be that the fact that I was trying to make up for four years undergraduate work at a monastery in two weeks’ time stood against me. Give you that.

Oh. We have an archives page now. We’re not entirely shot in the ass with it, but it beats hell out of what we had before. Which is nice. If you care about these sorts of things (cricket… cricket) there’s a plugins page for the WordPress “community” that lets you download the work of your betters, and make it your own. Not all plugins are created equally however. Went here to download what looked like a really cool capability as a prerequisite to several hours of banging my head against a wall of code, mostly because it felt so good when I finally stopped. Most frustrating blog experience. Ever. There’s no doubting that it’s wonderful work (”Code is poetry”) but the comment thread of folks trying to make it work (and to be fair, those saying: “This rocks!”) goes on for 200 posts. Which is a lot.

The code author is one of those kind souls who tries to help his supplicants out, but reminds me too much of the kid in high school who just doesn’t understand the fact that you don’t, you know – get it:

Just edit your template files and create a call to the function af_ela_super_archive(). This takes arguments in the url format as seen in wp_list_cats, the tags in the arguments are described in the documentation included in the package.

Oh. I see. Don’t know why I didn’t get it before. (Sigh)

Still, I’m only a guest at his table, so it’d be churlish to complain.


Back in the days when I would go to sea (*cough*) we used to bring civilian guests out from time to time to watch the ballet that is carrier aviation. It was always kind of fun to host them; in fact the folks who knew the least were the most amount of fun. Everything was fresh and new in their eyes, and it made things fresh and new for us as well. Doesn’t matter what you do, or how cool it is, when you’ve done it for a while and all your friends are doing it too, it kind of becomes “the way things are” in the world. You take it for granted.

Had a strangely similar experience today in the ride back from the airport. Taxi cab driver, Ethiopian. You ever talk to those guys? Some of them have the most amazing life stories. This guy’s story was pretty good too, but the really cool thing was the way he talked about America – how he might go back and visit in Ethiopia now, but he thanked God every day he was back there that he was now carrying around a US passport. Said there’s no place else on earth to live but right here. Said he wasn’t entirely sure that everyone he gave rides to really appreciated that fact.

I told him he had a point.

Have a great weekend!




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