Posted by Lex, on November 8, 2009


JR Salzman, an outstanding young man I met a couple of years back at a MilBlog conference, knows a thing or two about post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

And his opinion about Major Hasan, the murderer of 13 American soldiers whom the media is trying to spin into some class of victim?

He ain’t got it:

(You) don’t get PTSD from sitting on your ass around Walter Reed. Not only is it not possible to “catch” secondhand PTSD, but it is not that kind of a place. I would know, I was a patient there for nine months. The place is simply not that stressful or chaotic. When I was there my PTSD got better, not worse. And I would be willing to bet my dog tags that I saw far more wounded Soldiers than shit bag major did during our overlapping time there in 2007. I regularly visited Ward 57 to give advice to the new wounded. Other Soldiers and amputees did it for me when I was there so I considered my visits “paying it forward”. I had daily physical and occupational therapy. I regularly partook in activities in and out of Walter Reed with present and past wounded Soldiers. To say that this guy got PTSD from being stationed at Walter Reed is an absolute fucking farce. The people who are making this shit up have never set foot on Walter Reed, let alone met a soldier with PTSD.

Preach it, brother.


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