A brief conversation between your humble scribe and his Ambien (5 mg)

By lex, on October 11th, 2006
October 11th, 2006


YHS: Well, hello. You’re rather a little thing, aren’t you?


Ambien: Just try me out, sugar. I think you’ll find out that good things come in small packages.


YHS: Well, it’s just that I’ve never actually been with a prescription sleep medicine before. I’ve been saving myself. But I had this really bad night last night, and then of course I took a long nap this afternoon. So now… It’s just… Well… I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to, you know: Perform.


I’ve always had a hard time when I travel.


Ambien: You just lie down back down there on the bed and let me worry about that.


YHS: Well, this is new. Since we’re trying things on for size, do you think maybe we should call over one of your littlefriends? Just in case? Then it could be, you know: Just the three of us?


Ambien: If it comes to that, kinky. Lie back and close your eyes. That’s it. There.


YHS: I don’t. It’s not. I don’t think it’s working.






Ambien: Room service.


YHS: Whunh?


Ambien: It’s room service, knocking on the door. They’ve brought you your breakfast.


It’s 0800, honey. And time for me to go.


YHS: Wha? How? Will we ever meet again?


Ambien: Sure, baby. Call me.


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