Neptunus Lex: Some Recommended Posts By Category

To the reader: 

Carroll LeFon – aka “Lex” –  wrote more than simple “blog posts”. Much of what he wrote I would call essays and short stories. I am heartened to see people around the world still reading these – and passing them around – years after he wrote them. Some are humorous and  some are instructive. Some, like Icarus, are simply beautiful short stories. 

Since he wrote so much over 9 years, I created both the indices “Best of” and “Rest of” to try and make this manageable for the new reader. Even then, there’s about 1,700 3,500 or so not in the large indices.

From these indices  I thought it would be nice to organize some of these – my favorites – by category and give the new reader a “Lex Primer”. 

Hence this page.

Bill Brandt

Stories & Essays of the Navy




Naval Aviation and Safety






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