Tan, Fit and Rested

By Lex, on Wed – August 11, 2004


Well, one out of three anyway.

Which, if I was a major league baseball player, would get me a pretty good shot at the All Star game roster.

Rested, in case you were curious. As for the “tanned” part, I could reasonable expect to place in a the Iowa State Fair’s “Farmer’s Tan” competition, but won’t be easily mistaken for a beach rat. Fit? Let the box score speak for itself:

Days of Vacation: 10

Rounds of Golf: 5 (Best score: 82 on a windy Maui course)

Workouts: 3

Mai-Tai’s: Tough to call, exactly. The lower limit is probably around 15, the upper limit could not be higher than 30.

Because no one needs three in one day. Proven by repeated, scientific inspection.


A good time for myself and the Hobbit, certainly. A bit of a wrench for the teenagers at first, who’ve become accustomed to continuous contact with people not their parents.

Had a great couple of chats with SNO – he’s off to college soon, the thought of which sends me into near-catatonia. But I’m also fighting a bit of personal history on that – my parents both died within about six months of each other my senior year of college, so I’ve no personal experience of an “adult relationship” with parents. Part of me apparently thinks that he’ll go off to school and we’ll never see him again, and while the reasoning part knows that’s not true, nothing in my own history has prepared me for this. So, it’s a bit of an adventure.

The Biscuit and I didn’t quite hack through the frost that’s sprung up between a 13 year old daughter and her perhaps over-concerned father. But we took a few steps.

The Kat had fun though – there were horses to ride and beaches to explore and birds to feed.


We weren’t in Oahu half an hour when the Kat asked a question that had somehow evaded me over the course of the years. We were driving on the main east-west highway there, Interstate H1, when the Kat asked, “How can this be an interstate, when we’re on an island?”

Which I had to admit was a pretty damn good question.


Stuff you don’t notice in San Diego, because it’s not there – and you don’t notice things that aren’t there: There was an impressive profusion of large yellow ribbon and “we support our troops” stickers on cars all over the islands – they were truly ubiquitous. A nice touch I thought, but nothing that I’ve seen anywhere in California.

Which makes me wonder, a bit. Oahu has a large Navy presence at Pearl Harbor, but not as large as San Diego. And Maui, which has no permanent military to speak of, apart from their national guardsmen, had nearly as many of these symbols as we saw in Oahu. Are we too jaded, here in California?


Hot there, and windy. Expensive too, it nearly goes without saying. But the twitch is gone from my eye, at least from the now. Which I think was the point, for me anyway.

All for now, got to help unpack.

ps- thanks to Ron, BWH, Tammi. BWH, Gary and “anonymous” for keeping the site warm in my absence – cheers, guys.

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