Unusual Attitudes

Posted by Lex, on April 16, 2008


CW4 BillT shares some hard lessons learned about the difference between the attitude gyros used in Iraqi aircraft of Soviet design vs the US simulators used to train them how to fly instruments.

He also touches on an intriguing theory about why Saddam’s air force melted away in the ‘91 tussle. A good read.

Although I’m going to have to get out the habit of providing daily links to sojers.

Update: Follow this link to a mind bending explanation of how the ARI works.

Look even closer at the attitude indicator…see anything wrong? This is the correct orientation brown on the top, blue on the bottom. Apparently the Russians hadn’t figured out how to gear their gyros for proper indication that you would see today on an attitude indicator. Think of it this way, you rotate around the gyro…if you lower the nose you go up into the brown. If you climb you go down into the blue. Flying with one of these gyros takes some getting used to. I can’t imagine being in the clouds with a case of vertigo.

No wonder those poor goobers crashed.

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