Life getting in the way

By lex, on January 24th, 2008

So. Transition Assistance Program classes, 0730 until 1600 or so. Provided for the most part by a 30-year bosun’s mate who left the navy to provide 18 years in a sinecure as transition assistance program instructor for the state of California.

That’s credibility for you, comes to looking for outside work. Doesn’t stop the state of California. Not much does.

Phoned in the “Shorting Bubba” post on, well: My cell phone. Tedious work, I can tell you. Slow.

Had a schnack with SNO and one of his mates out in town after. Forgot how hungry college men could get. Your life depended upon keeping loose articles of clothing clear of the intakes when the chow arrived. They’d have been up to your shoulder before you knew it.

Watched a bit of Baz Luhrman’s Romeo+Juliette ** with the Biscuit. Which is really rather a good movie, says I even if it isn’t entirely flawless. Your mileage may vary.

Haven’t had a spare moment to look into a single other thing, despite the fact that I’ve received a cuppla separate notices that last fuel starvation is probably not the reason why a triple-7 landed short at Heathrow. **

The California Coastal Commission – led by state Attorney General Jerry Brown – has inserted itself * in a federal dispute between the president and a Los Angeles-based federal judge about how and when the US Navy may use medium frequency SONAR to train shipboard crews in the art and science of undersea warfare.

This is an interesting separation-of-powers argument about which – it seems to me – the state of California really has very little to say. Federal primacy and all that – settled law. The water’s edge versus national territorial seas.

I’m torn on the underlying issue, really. Congress has a right to make laws, the judiciary to interpret them. But then there are those commander-in-chief powers under Article II. And so on.

ASW is hard. Takes time to learn. I’m not certain exactly how many marine mammals I’d be willing to trade against the odds of losing a few aircraft carriers and their crews, push came to shove.

Doesn’t stop the state of California though.

Not much does, for better or worse.

* 08-17-2018 Links Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

** 08-17-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.


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  1. Rich Engel

    Might try the IMDb entry for that version of Romeo and Juliette.

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