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If Lex loved the F/A-18, he has this man to thank…


Sent to me by my Air Force friend.

I remember reading a post by Lex on the history of the F/A-18, and how it was the “loser” in the competition between the YF-16 and YF-17.

Both of these planes, at least to me, have been proven as one of the Pentagon’s better programs.

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A Sunday’s drive through the park

FA-18 style.

The description says “No audio”, but the wind zorching past the canopy is audio enough. It’s interesting to hear and see the buffet increase on the canopy with even the least amount of g-loading.

Some days, training flights are just unbearable…

…to watch. The envy is killing me!

Then, there’s this little bit of showboating

Go Navy!


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