Carving a niche

By Lex

Posted on April 24, 2006



Far be it from me to pass out bloggo-tips, but I do think it’s important for the average blogger to differentiate his brand. We can’t all be closely reasoned conservatives and libertarians on the one hand, and foam-at-the-mouth, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists on the other – it’s a buyers market, and it’s difficult for new folks to set up shop.

So it’s important to specialize: As I may have mentioned before, anyone searching for stultifyingly obtuse political opinions interspersed with the occasional sea story told by a super-annuated naval officer who once flew FA-18’s, but now commutes by motorcycle up and down the 5 in sunny southern California has very few choices apart from the digs of your humble scribe.

know. But still.

And yet.

And yet –

And yet, enabled as I have been by the magic of technorati, I can’t help wondering if certain people are casting rather too narrow a net.

Here’s a blog that links to my post, “Always a bridesmaid.” Which really had very little to do with bridesmaids. Unlike the blog, which is about bridesmaids, apparently.

And here’s another that links to my post in reGeo. Washington, and his famous spectacles. It’s about eyeglasses.

A blog about eyeglasses.

I believe that the wave might have passed – it may well be time to catch another.

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