How it Looks from the Other Side

Posted by lex, on December 13, 2008

Media Matters for America: After an 8 year holiday on unfairly criticizing national level politicians, the media are back to their old games.

But this week brought signs that much of the media is set to resume the absurd and shameful behavior that defined the 1990s — guilt by association, circular analysis whereby they ask baseless questions about non-scandals, then claim they have to report on the “scandal” because the White House is “besieged by questions,” grotesque leaps of logic, downplaying exculpatory information, and too many other failings to list.

If that happens — if the media continue to behave as they did in covering Whitewater — they will damage the country. It’s really that simple. We cannot afford to be distracted from serious problems by overheated conjecture and baseless insinuation masquerading as journalism.

Unfortunately for the hystericals at Media Matters, the MSM are well rested after having spent the last 8 years resting on the bench, taking no notice whatsoever of the Plame Affair (at least after it came to land in the lap of a politician outside Bush’s inner circle), pornographically dwelling on the barbarisms of pointy-headed twits at Abu Ghraib (and inferring that 4AM dog trots of humiliated POWs were authorized at the highest levels of American policy), shrieking from atop the kitchen chair at the excesses of the Patriot Act (which President-elect Obama seems content to continue pretty much as it always has done), Guantanamo (about which, no one knows quite what to do), the whole “16 words” thing (much ado about nothing, as it turns out),  and the firing of politically appointed at-will employees (for whatever reason or no reason at all, that being what “at will” means).

Not to mention actively sabotaging the efforts of the national command authority in a time of war.

So, investigating the Clinton’s various and sundry sordid acts during peacetime was “absurd and shameful behavior” but undermining the actions of a command-in-chief in time of actual war was, well: Unremarkable. Because taking an militantly adversarial stance against a Republican administration is honest and admirable, while shining a flashlight on the potential corruptions of a Democratic administration is “overheated conjecture and baseless insinuation.”

Because political ideology and party trumps country.

We always knew that some people felt this way. It’s just surprising to see them come out and say it.

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