Public Relations

by lex, on Oct 24, 2005


Picture it like this: You’re running a campaign and trying to get something going. Generate some buzz. Problem is that the target audience isn’t buying the message. In fact they’re running away from it. And those stunts you used to pull to get the spotlight swivelled over to your ideas? Lot’s of noise and color, used to really get attention, front page stuff, above the fold even.

So five minutes ago. Yesterday’s news. Boring. Now you can’t even get the press to cover them anymore. Or if they do? Buried behind somewhere behind Plamegate and Katrina’s aftermath.

Frustrating, yah?

So what would you do, if you were dying to get some press attention?

Well probably, you’d do a little something like this. Yeah. That’s what you’d do. Even if it was pathetic.

Little hint? It’s not just the message. It’s the messenger.


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