Not Sure If Real

By lex, on May 7th, 2011

Got this through the email pipe. Pretty sure it’s satirical, but these days it’s hard to tell:

Navy Establishes Training for Skippers Being Relieved

By David Jones – Staff writer
Posted: Friday Apr 21, 2011 11:18:23 EDT

Pensacola, Florida – The Navy command charged with setting training standards for everything from teaching sailors how to fold their underwear in basic training to battle operations on the Navy’s most sophisticated ships today announced a new training tactic designed to prepare commanding officers for being relieved of command.

The six week course of study, officially called the Despicable career-Ending Event Preparation, or DEEP 6, will prepare commanding officers on how to salvage a shred of respect when the all-too-frequent career-ending event happens during their tour as a CO.

Rear Admiral (LH) Tom Cat, Deputy Commander, Naval Education and Training Command indicated that this new training is designed to prepare commanding officers for the inevitable. “In today’s high-profile, politically correct Navy where every sailor has access to mass media, it’s more a matter of “when” a CO will be relieved, not “if.”” Cat said.

The DEEP 6 course of study will be offered at major installations throughout the Navy and will be honed for the various command communities such as surface, subsurface, aviation, Naval Special Warfare, and the various commands ashore.

Commanding Officers interested in attending DEEP 6 should contact their Type Commander as well as their detailer for scheduling the assignment of a prospective relief. The Navy Personnel Command asks that the request be submitted in advance of the career-ending event if at all possible. Additionally, they ask that terminal leave paperwork accompany the request.

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