The appendix of Navy slang

Posted by Lex, on April 11, 2008


This also had to happen eventually:

Civilians now can learn the U.S. military’s unique language and slang and get a taste for Navy life aboard warships, carriers and submarines through a Navy slang Web site at the Wiktionary free dictionary

Who knew that an aircraft carrier is a “birdfarm” and a failed carrier landing, a “bolter”? A bolter is when an approaching aircraft misses the arresting wire with its tailhook and has to go around. A “ramp strike” is when an aircraft comes in drastically low for a carrier landing and strikes the “round down,” or stern of the ship, often with devastating results.

Well, most of you knew. And for those that didn’t, here’s the whole list.

Not all of them are entirely suitable for the faint-hearted.

This story, by the way, pretty much redefines the term “Tailhooker”:

A Navy officer testified in federal court in Washington yesterday that she moonlighted as a call girl for Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service for six months, starting in 2005, when the military says she was assigned to the Naval Academy as a supply officer.

I guess the locality pay in Annapolis just wasn’t cutting it.

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