One of those crazy Sundays

By lex, on September 3rd, 2006

The Kat had to go to an equestrian “dress rehearsal” for a big show park affair next week, so I ditched my Sunday duties in support, and anyways I’m on vacation, amn’t I? Spent the balance of the day occupied in a task that a friend I’ve never met asked me to take up, in honor of a friend of hers that I’ll never get to meet. I considered that an honor, and you’ll get a look at that shortly, good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. It’s got something to do with the temporary title bar at the top, the new link to your right entitled “Remember” and the upcoming anniversary of a national tragedy.

We’re having SNO’s GF’s mom and brother ’round for supper – your scribe is even now boiling a lobster – and after that himself and your correspondent head east towards Imperial Country for to slay the world-wide symbol of peace, 10 to the gun if ever we might. Remington 870′s for the both of us by the way, one in 20 gauge, t’other in a 12. Meat and ‘tater guns, as we calls ‘em. Not much to look at, but simple, predictable and reliable.The smaller bore was for himself back when he was a bittier mite, but he’s gotten big, hasn’t he, bigger than his poor ol’ da, and has lately taken to calling the big gun “his,” which makes your correspondent purse his lips thoughtfully – more bb’s in the larger bore equals a better chance to bring the dove to hand, all things considered, not to mention my failing eyes and reflexes. Which nevertheless combined to knock down a few more clays than did the youngster, not two days past.

Speaking of which, the Hobbit can thank the State of California for their oppressive intrusiveness into the free market. There was a sweet-pointing little Beretta White Onyx  ** (in 12 gauge, with hard case and five chokes – it practically sells itself) on offer at the local, priced at a favorable point for guns of that grade, and could I have it that day, seeing as how it had caught my eye, and the game being afoot?

I could not. A ten day waiting list there is for competition class over-and-under shotguns, never mind your saturday-night-specials and I guess that means I’m shooting the 20 tomorrow, the merchant himself having watched another impulse buyer walk away from the counter purchase-less, selah.

It’s been a lovely week off, so it has, and if I didn’t get to answer your several emails it’s not that I didn’t read them, or that I amn’t interested, or that I’m not going to come ’round to them at last. It’s just time is the fire that we burn in, and I’ve been using mine pretty much here, there and elsewhere, and personal emails have to come last, don’t they?

They do.

** 07-15-2018  Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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