Posted by lex, on August 4, 2010

John Donovan explores the rationale behind effectively denying deployed troops the opportunity to participate in our democracy:

According to the Washington Times, it would appear that the Justice Department is ready, willing and able to assist the States in kicking that can down (enforcing federal law requiring states to mail early ballots for deployed troops) the road this election cycle, rather than reminding them that it’s the law of the land.  Not helping, whether with carrots or sticks, the states comply with the law and ensure that deployed personnel will have a voice in the upcoming election cycle, but rather coaching them through the waiver process so they don’t *have* to comply with the law of the land.  I mean, gosh, it’s not like deployed personnel have a life or death interest in the issue or not, right?

But just who *will* Justice fall over itself to ensure they can get a chance to vote?  If for no other reason perhaps than to ensure that the Senate can be a re-employment agency for retired Saturday Night Live comic hacks?

Felons!  Right, felons.  People who have demonstrated a strong committment to civil society and have a respect for the law.

Well, at least Justice understands their constituency.

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