Where are they now?

Posted by Lex, on August 13, 2008


Google “European anti-war protests” and you will see that the status of the sovereign, democratic state of Georgia is conspicuous by its absence from the list of protest-worthy causes. Organizing the stilt puppeteers and kettle drummers, these things take time, it seems. Patience is called for.

Millions marched in San Francisco, Rome, Barcelona and London when a US-led coalition of democracies prepared to depose a murderous tyrant – where are they now, when a tyrant seeks to depose a democratically elected government?

Millions more protested when a wretchedly afflicted people attempted to shake off the chains of 30 year’s oppression, tribalism and superstition to create for themselves and their children a sense of security and a representative government, answerable to the people – where are they now, that a free people has been reacquainted with the rod and beaten back to the yoke?

Others protested in Florence and Glocestershire when NATO bombers intervened to stop a genocide in Kosovo – where are they now, when bombers and helicopter gunships rain death upon innocents?

Western European youth took to the streets in their greasy-haired legions when Ronald Reagan sought to install Pershing II missiles in counterweight to the SS-20’s the Soviet Union had already deployed to threaten Western Europe – where are they now, when Russian “diplomacy” consists of petulantly turning off the oil and natural gas spigot whenever some former vassal state says or does something inconvenient?

Was it because a democratically arrived at decision to go to war gave them time to organize, while Machiavellian schemes hatched in secrecy caught them wrong-footed? Then I await the sound of their drums and cymbals, their garish costumes and smug, supercilious certainties.

I only ask for evidence of some internal consistency, some unifying theory: Is violence, extortion and intimidation always wrong? Or is it sometimes more wrong than other times? Remind me once again, oh, arbiters of moral superiority, who are the good guys?

And where are they now?


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