New Reef Commissioned


By lex, on February 20th, 2010

The Iranian Navy has launched its first domestically built destroyer. Weighing in at 1500 tons, it displaces less than 20% of the mass of an Arleigh Burke destroyer, about half that of a modern frigate and is probably more properly labeled a corvette.

And should they get their dander up, it will no doubt make someone a very nice reef some day.

Still, it will give the blackshoes professional surface warfare officers something to dream about when they’re not sleeping – which is not very often, sleep being considered something of a private shame in the surface Navy, never to be spoken of except in its absence.

And, truth be told, the Iranian Navy has always interacted very professionally with the USN in the Arabian Gulf. Or at least, they have since Operation Praying Mantis sent a bunch of their finest kit to the bottom, back in the day.

The fellows to keep your eyes on are the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, a nasty group of thugs that manages to combine avid venality with religious zealotry.

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