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Posted by lex, on August 25, 2010


In a bizarre and vicious attack, a drunken young civilian recently returned from filming a documentary in Afghanistan – and one who apparently freelances for a company supporting the Ground Zero Mosque – has stabbed a taxi driver in the neck after asking him whether he was a Muslim.

Horrible and senseless as the crime is in itself, it is also sure to become yet another log tossed on the fire of our newest battle in the Culture War. Left wing sites and the legacy media will bewail this as a “hate crime” enabled by right wing opponents of Project51, while – if history is any judge – right wing sites will  point out the attacker’s questionable antecedents or ignore the story altogether. Forgotten will be a working class stiff trying to get by in the world in favor of convenient cudgel with which to bash one’s partisan foes.

Hate crimes, everyone agrees, are hateful, although it’s an open question whether a cabbie that is stabbed in the neck because of his faith is any more wounded than one stabbed for the $20 bill in his pocket.  And it is probably useless to point out that while there are approximately 5 million Jews in the US and around 7 million Muslims, the number of hate crimes against the former outpaced the latter about seven-to-one in the five most recent years for which the FBI has data following 9/11.

Year Anti-Jewish Anti-Muslim
2004 954 156
2005 848 128
2006 967 156
2007 967 133
2008 1013 105
Total 4749 678
Aggregate 5427
Percent 87.51% 12.49%

It doesn’t fit the narrative.

So, color me unimpressed by the incipient media frenzy surrounding this tragic crime, while very much regretting that such a thing could happen. In New York City, of all places.

And get back to me when the archbishop of the New York diocese is forced to ruefully admit that, well: maybe the cabbie had it coming to him.

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