Voting their interest

Posted by lex, on April 22, 2008


When, as happened in 2004, certain citizens of the middle and lower middle classes voted against those who promised them Other People’s Money, that part of the commentariat approving of government-managed property redistribution sneered that the yabbos were “voting against their own interest.” After all, if you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul, you’ve every right to expect Paul’s support. If it weren’t for all that bitter clinging.

Pace Marx and Engels though, not every interest is economic. Some people think that guns are scary and are appalled at those who disagree. Others kneel at the altar of the public school, some of them willing to go so far as to sacrifice actual children upon that altar rather than see services moved out of doors. A noble intent that no individual should be oppressed or disfavored based on such inherent and immutable characteristics as race, origin or gender has been transmogrified into a system of shifting coalitions – grievance stoking identity groups muscling around the trough of political spoils and demanding of their constituents a kind of self-abnegation. What had once been an effort to secure individual liberty has become instead a demand for individual submersion of conscience and identity into an undifferentiated mass. For the Greater Good.

Heretics will be burned.

Finally (although the list is by no means exhaustive, leaving off for now those animal ethicists who believe their own preferences of diet and dress ought to be more generally compulsory), there are those who share either a predisposition or a preference for privately placing their wedding tackle in unconventional receptacles and who insist not merely upon a general tolerance but also as it were a kind of universal approbation of those predilections. Even from those who, for whatever reason, find talking of such things off-putting, and going so far as to demand a fundamental restructuring of a societal building block that has been in place for millennia. Let’s see what happens next and call it “progress.”

Only, a curious realignment may be taking place in that most progressive and tolerant of countries:

Dutch Gays Prefer Conservative to Leftwing Parties

If only homosexuals were to vote, Proud of the Netherlands (TON) would be the biggest party in the Lower House. Conservative parties are more favoured among them than progressive ones, a poll by TV programme NOVA reveals.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but the Dutch are ever-so-much closer to the fire this time. It is interesting to see what happens when the preferential and the existential are intertwined – it seems Dutch gays prefer not to be chased, beaten and stabbed to death by culturally antagonistic aliens.

That’s voting your interest.


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