M/V Sunshine

By lex, on January 7th, 2012

More on the “dumbest pirates ever“:

Brandishing a rocket-propelled grenade and several Kalashnikov rifles, (the pirates) rushed alongside, threw a grappling hook and tried to lash a ladder to the Sunshine’s side. They hoped to scale the gunwales and seize the bridge.

Their plans unraveled immediately. As the Sunshine radioed for help, and tried to deter the boarding by spraying the pirates with fire hoses, the pirates were unable to board.

“Our ladder broke,” Mr. Mahmoud said.

See? Marlinspike seamanship.

Then an American helicopter appeared.

Neither the pirates nor the crew of the Sunshine had known it, but three Navy ships — the Stennis; the U.S.N.S. Rainier, a supply ship; and the U.S.S. Mobile Bay, a guided-missile cruiser — were steaming in formation a few miles away. The carrier was taking on provisions from the Rainier and had several helicopters in the air when the Sunshine radioed its distress call.

Aboard the carrier, Rear Adm. Craig S. Faller, who commands the carrier strike group, looked at the chart and radar images of the Sunshine’s location with something like disbelief. The Sunshine and the Stennis were only a few miles apart. “These might be the dumbest pirates ever,” he said.

In the end, the US Navy ended the Iranian hostage crisis.

I just wanted to see how that looked, rolling off the keys.

The mullahcracy responds with characteristic grace *:

Iranian media were largely silent Saturday on the US navy’s rescue of 13 Iranians held by pirates in the Arabian Sea, making little mention of the incident — or that the US ships included an aircraft carrier Tehran had warned out of the region.

The official Islamic Republic News Agency reported only that a US warship “claimed” to have saved the Iranian fishermen from a weeks-long ordeal as captives of Somali pirates.

“So far Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces staff has not confirmed” the incident, IRNA said.

Inherent limitations to battlespace awareness, command and control. Something they should keep in the back of their minds, next time they feel like issuing threats.

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** Original link gone; replaced – Ed. 

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