One more favor?

Posted by lex, on April 16, 2006


I don’t know if we’re going to win the Fran O’Brien’s fight – just can’t say at this point, but by the way: Has your congressman written back?

The company has played their cards, and walking back from the “failed negotiations” meme – thin though it may be – would entail sacrificing Important People in the company now, probably. Not just those they’re maybe covering for, the ones who made the original decision to kick Frannie O’s to the door.

I don’t even know that we can hope for an extension for Hal Koster and his crew, although it wouldn’t be wrong to ask for that. Over, and over again.

But we do have a commitment from the Hilton Corp to keep the Friday evening tradition going for our wounded vets at Walter Reed. In a sign that you efforts have made a difference, FbL point out the the front page of the Capital Hilton’s website has a link to the corporate explanation of their decision, along with a committment to

host and sponsor the May 5, 2006 dinner and expressed interest in working closely with Walter Reed so that the Friday night tradition can continue. Furthermore, the hotel is in discussions with one of the sponsors of the Friday night dinners to continue their support of the dinners.

I suspect this support may last just as long as our interest does. So do me a favor.

Show some interest: Keep hitting that link.

Because I’m not by nature an anti-corporatist populist, I do kind of like the flavor of the Hilton buying supper for the troops, in Hal’s place.


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