Steyn v. Peters

By Lex

Posted on November 26, 2006


In the New York Post today, Ralph Peters asks us not to fret about that whole “Eurabia” thing. Citing history going back as far as the famed Spanish Reconquistaand the subsequent but somewhat less heralded Jewish Expulsion, Peters opines that if the second and third generation Muslim immigrants propping up the Continental social scheme get too uppity, why then, they’ll just have them another one of those good old fashioned genocide thingies they do so well over there:

Far from enjoying the prospect of taking over Europe by having babies, Europe’s Muslims are living on borrowed time. When a third of French voters have demonstrated their willingness to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front – a party that makes the Ku Klux Klan seem like Human Rights Watch – all predictions of Europe going gently into that good night are surreal.

I have no difficulty imagining a scenario in which U.S. Navy ships are at anchor and U.S. Marines have gone ashore at Brest, Bremerhaven or Bari to guarantee the safe evacuation of Europe’s Muslims.

Mark Steyn begs to differ over in the Chicago Sun Times, leveraging off the title of a World War II film “Four Jills in a Jeep.” Among his Jills are Fatma An Najar, a 64-year old Palestinian grandmother of 41 who sought to skip to the head of the paradise train by attempting to kill three Jews with one suicide belt over the Thanksgiving Holidays and Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, the recently installed head of the ECUSA, a figure of whom you have previously read in these spaces, and, as it turns out, an evangelist who somewhat suprisingly endorses her flock’s decision to gracefully depopulate. That notion being apparently thought best for Mother Gaia or summat.

Also in the mix are the ever-fetching Scarlett Johansson, a lady whose great physical beauty does not entirely adumbrate her tendency to say awkward, regrettable things, and Condaleeza Rice, a person I once fondly imagined as a presidential candidate but whom, with the resuscitation of a freshly disinterred James Baker, I now have problems visualizing as a Secretary of State:

So many of our present woes are due to thinking we know things. To our four Jills in the jeep, let’s add one Jim, apparently back at the steering wheel in the current war: James Baker, renowned foreign policy “realist” and the man Beltway wags are currently referring to as “the acting secretary of state.” The “realists” think that “containment” and “stability” are wise strategies. In fact, they’re the absence of strategy. The fertility rate in the Gaza Strip is one of the highest on earth. If you measure the births of the Muslim world against the dearth of Bishop Kate’s Episcopalians, you have the perfect snapshot of why there is no “stability”: With every passing month, there are more Muslims and fewer Episcopalians, and the Muslims export their manpower to Europe and other depopulating outposts of the West. It’s the intersection of demography and Islamism that makes time a luxury we can’t afford.

With these two competing dystopian visions – ethnic genocide on the one hand, against the decline and collapse of the West on the other, one hardly knows for whom to root. In fact, one is tempted, like the Bunty character in “Chicken Run” was when it was explained to her that her fate was either to be chopped up for dinner on the farmer’s plate, or else fed into the great Chicken Pot Pie Machine to ask, “Are those the only choices?”

Well, those are the only choices being offered by conservative pundits. To find out what their philosophical opposition thinks on this critical topic of international and existential importance, we are led to TBogg, who turns on the blazing spotlight of his penetrating perspicacity to pronounce that Steyn is a funny looking loser, and Scarlett Johansson looks kinda hot. Really.

Thus, not with a bang.

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