Exiting gracefully

Posted by lex, on December 4, 2006

So, having stood primly by while some 800,000 Tutsis were butchered in Rwanda back in 1994, and – having sworn “never again” – giving the Sudanese government one of his best lip-pursings ever after another 200,000 – 400,000 Africans were and are being slaughtered in Darfur, what is chief among Kofi Annan’s regrets as he comes to the end of his UN presidency?

The fact that he didn’t do more to stop the US from deposing Saddam Hussein:

The UN secretary general, who leaves office after 10 years on 31 December, told the BBC that the situation in Iraq was now “much worse” than a civil war.

He also expressed his sadness at being unable to prevent the invasion in 2003…

He admitted that the failure to prevent the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a major blow to the UN, one from which the organisation was only beginning to recover.

“It’s healing but we are not there yet, it hasn’t healed yet, and we feel the tension still in this organisation as a result of that.”

We liberate 25 million minds. We spend the next three years and nearly 3000 lives trying to help those who suffered under 30 years of one kind of brutal dictatorship from being imposed upon by a minority seeking to impose a second kind of tyranny, and Kofi wishes he could have done more to prevent it. I expect that the UN healing he’s searching for comes after the US retreats in humiliation, allowing the butchery to really get going gangbusters.

Sure a lot of folks are going to have to die, but if you’re going to make an omlet, you’ve got to break a few eggs, right? And think of how good it’ll be for UN prestige for the hand-wringing legions of international inaction to have been proven right. Retroactively, I mean. Given a little help.

Might even take some of the heat off all those blue-helmeted child predators he’d rather not talk about. Not to mention the whole oil-for-food-for-limos-for-bureaucrat-children scandal *.

They say people are known by the quality of their regrets.

We know you now, Kofi. Off you go.

Don’t let the screen door hit you.

** 09-14-20 Original link gone; substitute found – Ed.

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