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Posted by lex, on Fri 2 Mar 2007

One of the criticisms we heard often after the 9/11 attacks was that it was difficult to find spokesmen within the Muslim community willing to denounce the actions of the al Qaeda terrorists without adding a “but” qualifier at the end, thus: “Of course these people don’t represent our faith, but what about the (fill in the blank real or imagined grievance).”

Which served, of course, to make the denunciation markedly less ringing than the rest of us might have hoped, what with the smoke still rising in the space that office buildings used to occupy.

In the interim, this will do nicely, though:

Iraqi security forces killed dozens of al Qaeda militants who attacked a village in western Anbar province on Wednesday, during fierce clashes that lasted much of the day, police officials said on Thursday.

Sunni tribal leaders are involved in a growing power struggle with Sunni al Qaeda for control of Anbar, a vast desert province that is the heart of the Sunni Arab insurgency in Iraq.

The key to neutralizing the jihadist threat will be to drain the Islamist fever swamp that supports their wicked philosophy, marginalize the terrorists by denying them any shred of moral legitimacy and stop the flow of money which supports their murderous acts.

But while we’re waiting for all that to fall into place, I’m willing to settle for their Sunni co-religionists banding together to destroy them in detail.

That’ll be OK too.

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