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By lex, on September 6th, 2010

The perspicacious reader will have noted that apart from one (quite nice, I thought) post yesterday, your humble scribe has been celebrating Labor Day weekend by mostly staying off the net. Sure, there was a Citabria flight on Friday, like there normally is. No, there were no dogfights to be had this weekend, leaving us sadly short of Indian software engineers burbling and gasping in the trunk. Which gave us the opportunity, Saturday, Sunday and today for to whack the wee white ba’ around the Elysian fields of MCAS Miramar’s golf course. Which, although for the most of you, that’s as much golf blogging as you’d like to read, your host will point out that while familiarity may indeed breed contempt, in my case it bred absurdity: I shot an 81 on Saturday, an 82 Sunday and a merciless 96 today on account of a vicious case of the shanks that appeared from nowhere on the fifth hole and which could not be tamed until the 17th, not if it were ever so and it’s been ten year at least since I’ve broken 90 in the wrong direction.

I’d like to share with you reflections of the quite times I spent with my beautiful daughters over the holiday weekend, only they both have driver’s licenses and access to cars, and Friday their allowances dropped, which gave them means, motive and opportunity to seek their entertainments largely elsewhere. I did receive SMS texts on my cellular device reassuring me that they continue to in fact exist, and look with keen anticipation towards personally verifying that assertion.

Spent some goodly time reading too. Actual books, I mean. Which was a charming little divertissment from the daily dose of the outrage machine.

Son Number One has successfully navigated the treacherous rocks and shoals of a suddenly crucial phase of Aviation Preflight Indoctrination, the academics phase. With the need to maintain a 94 point average to avoid being cut it was much more a test of determination that it had been back in my day, and my hat is off to him, evidence that he is to the gradual perfectibility of man.

Haven’t much of a clue what awaits me in the coming week, apart from the fact that all of it will undoubtedly be critically important and due yesterday. Still haven’t determined finally whether I really want to head to Reno on Thursday for the 2010 Tailhook convention. I’ve seen that show so many times before and know precisely how it ends. For the now, my batteries are as charged as they get, I suppose. I hope yours are too.

Back to it then.

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