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Posted by lex, on August 31, 2008

I almost had the heart to drag all of you through the trail of tears that is the Chosen One’s people feverishly attempting to persuade themselves what a horrible person this Palin woman is, and how terrible it is for the country that John McCain cynically chose a faux female to be his running “mate”, going out of his way to spoil their diversity party and everything. Almost.

My tentative title was to have been, “What if it was Todd?”, wherein I’d hoped to point out the blatant hypocrisy – not to mention misogyny – of those who claim to support a woman’s right to choose (so long as she chooses within their predescribed constraints) and who purport have in their hearts the betterment of womyn (so long as they hew to all the correct orthodoxies and don’t get off the reservation, and all).

The point of the whole thing would have been to juxtapose the kinds of criticism levied made up out of whole cloth against the Alaskan governor. The weird stuff, I mean. The people who point out that maybe eldest son Track was conceived four weeks before the marriage. Like that would mean something important, in context of a long and happy marriage. Against the realization that neither Palin nor her husband were likely even aware of that pregnancy – stipulating arguendo that the math is right – before they tied the knot.

What if it was Todd that was governor and Sarah was his “first gal”? Would it matter then? Who even thinks like that in the 21st century?

Or how about the kind of men who’ve very likely never – I’m nearly certain – delivered a child out of their own loins tut-tutting at Mrs. Palin’s travel plans once pregnant? Would it have reflected on Todd if his wife’s water had broken while he was on a trip? Or are these men substituting their superior neo-natal judgment for that of a mother of five? Does Andrew Sullivan, of all people, really want to go there?

Or how about the mad speculation that Mrs. Palin faked her youngest son’s birth in order to cover for the pregnancy of one of her daughters? As though Occam’s Razor pointed to the likelihood of a teenager having a child with Down’s Syndrome rather than a 40+ year old woman. Would this entirely hypothetical assertion of a purely private family matter deserve even a momentary treatment if Todd was the candidate rather than Sarah?

These are the people, remember, that pretend to be on the side of Women. I mean, what the hell do you make of it? Because for my own part, it reminds me too much of the kind of bitter soul who pretends to love mankind with all his heart, but in practice has no particular use for actual people.

So anyway, I was going to drag you through all of that. But then fortunately for all of us Jeff Goldstein got there firstest with the mostest.

So, you know: Read him.

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