The Lions of the Hindu Kush

By lex, on September 28, 2008


Mullah Omar’s brave billy boys have finally screwed their courage to the sticking point, and – chiefly concerning themselves with the sanctity of a woman’s honored place in society, and acting severally – managed the boast-worthy act of murdering a woman on her way to work:

Lt-Col Malalai Kakar, head of Kandahar’s department of crimes against women, was shot in her car as she was about to leave for work.

Her son was also wounded in the attack, and is said to be seriously injured.

Taleban rebels, who banned women from joining the police when they were in power, said they had carried out the shooting.

“We killed Malalai Kakar,” a Taleban spokesman told AFP news agency.

“She was our target, and we successfully eliminated our target.”

The mother of six had earned a degree of international fame in the ’80s by gunning down three assassins who had made an attempt on her life.

Women are the weaker sex in the Taliban’s eye, meaning that men are strong (and little boys are scared). So women must be protected, in this case, by bravely lying in wait for one of them and gunning her down with the advantage of surprise.

Thus is honor preserved, bravo.


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